Quay Square Consult Limited, Salford

Injecta Fire Barrier is currently  installing injectaclad

The brief

Injecta Fire Barrier were approached by Quay Square Consult Limited to install the patented Injectaclad system, a cavity fire barrier remediation solution, to a range of residential tower blocks at Quay Square in Salford.

The brief for the first two blocks, Beech and Holm, was to install vertical cavity fire barriers to meet the new standards as detailed in the Fire Safety Act 2021. Both tower blocks being 26 metres in height with 10 floors to each block.

City Gate Construction - Newton Abbott

The Solution

Access to the building facade was gained using a combination of scaffolding and scissor lifts. Small openings were made in the cavity at each floor level, and also at a mid-point between floors, to allow the vertical installation. Pins were drilled into position to guide the ‘socks’ in a straight line which were then fed through the cavity. These ‘socks’ were then pumped with an acrylic graphite-based sealant, developed and tested to be regulatory compliant by leading fire protection experts.

Every GPS tracked injection point was recorded onto FireArrest software with photographs taken when the cavity was opened-up, with a tape measure pictured to show cavity depth, when the material was pumped in and again when the cavity was sealed up. A 100% quality control report is provided to the client on every installation.

The Result

The works were successfully completed, and the cavities are now meeting the updated Fire Safety Regulation standards. Using this system, allowed residents to remain in the comfort of their homes throughout the installation. This solution is swift to install, kinder to our environment, without the need for huge volumes of waste going to landfill, and far more cost effective when compared with using traditional remediation methods.