Injecta Fire Barrier | The Benefits To Building Owners & Occupiers

Injecta Fire Barrier provide a cost-effective solution to a significant safety issue.

By retrospectively reinstating the fire resistance performance of cavity walls and creating fire resistant compartments where none currently exist, or are defective, they give building owners and occupiers peace of mind.

Compared with invasive traditional remediation methods, the patented Injectaclad system offers a swift solution at a significantly lower cost than removing and replacing external facades. Disruption to occupants is minimal, with no need to move out of the building while the work takes place.

With traditional remediation methods, the building would require full scaffold for months affecting residents’ enjoyment of their property, with reduced light levels, heat loss when the original façade is removed and obstructed views.

In summary, Injecta Fire Barrier benefits building owners and occupiers by saving time and cost, while being a cleaner and more environmentally friendly solution to cavity fire barrier remediation.

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