Injecta Fire Barrier: The Benefits of a Fire-Resistant Retrospective Cavity Barrier
Injecta Fire Barrier: the benefits of a fire-resistant retrospective cavity barrier

In the event of a fire, every second counts.

The Grenfell tragedy in 2017 highlighted the importance of fire protection to prevent the spread of fire both vertically and horizontally in buildings with multiple levels.

Sadly, there are many buildings in existence where existing cavity fire barriers are inadequate or missing and do not meet the new Fire Safety Regulations set out to tackle this serious issue.

This is where a retrospectively installed cavity fire barrier can be invaluable and the patented Injectaclad system is one of the most innovative and cost-effective solutions available.

At Injecta Fire Barrier, we focus solely on installing this innovative cavity fire barrier system. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using Injectaclad and how it can save time and money…

What is Injectaclad?

Injectaclad is a system whereby an acrylic based graphite sealant is pumped into the cavity using a patented method to form a cavity fire barrier. It forms a continuous barrier that expands on contact with heat to fill the void and prevent the spread of fire and smoke giving a two-hour window to safely evacuate the building.

It has been developed and tested by leading fire protection experts, to be compliant with the latest regulations.

This is particularly important in buildings with multiple floors, to limit the risk of smoke and fire spreading horizontally and vertically between individual units within the building.

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What are the benefits of Injectaclad?

There are many benefits to using Injectaclad as your retrospective cavity barrier. These include:

1. Effective fire protection

Injectaclad provides an extremely high level of protection – with a fire resistance rating of 120 minutes. This means that the barrier will help contain the spread of fire for up to 2 hours, giving occupants time to safely exit the building and firefighters more time to extinguish the blaze.

2. Easy to install

Injecta Fire Barrier can install the patented Injectaclad system swiftly across multiple elevations with minimum disruption to occupants. With no need to remove the existing building façade, the whole process can be completed from the outside while the occupants continue to reside within. This makes it an ideal solution for buildings that are occupied.

3. Long-lasting solution

Injectaclad is a long-lasting product which can provide significant protection against the spread of fire for many years. Additionally, the acrylic-based graphite sealant is resistant to moisture – making it suitable for use even in damp environments.

4. Cost-effect fire protection

Retrospective cavity fire barriers provide a cost-effective solution enabling owners of existing buildings to achieve compliance with Fire Safety Regulations.

Compared to traditional remediation methods, the patented Injectaclad system is far less invasive to install and offers a swift solution at a significantly lower cost. External building facades do not need removing or replacing for the system to be installed, reducing costs to building owners and keeping disruption to occupants to a minimum.

5. Environmental

Having to remove the external building façade creates a significant amount of waste material, with volume materials such as insulation, ending up in landfill. The Injecta Fire Barrier team remove only small areas of brick at 2 metre centres to feed in the mesh socks into which the sealant is pumped. The bricks are then re-used wherever possible to refill the holes post installation, so the amount of waste product is minimal.

Compared to removing and replacing the existing building façade, the level of noise and dust created whilst installing the Injectaclad system is significantly less impactful on occupants and the surrounding area.

Injectaclad: a proven solution

Injectaclad is proven to be an effective and long-lasting solution for reinstating the fire-resistant performance of rigid and flexible wall and floor constructions. It is an excellent choice for buildings of all ages and provides peace-of-mind to residents in the event of a fire.

If you are considering installing a retrospective cavity fire barrier, Injectaclad is a highly recommended option. Being cost-effective, swift to install, reducing waste to landfill, reducing noise and dust pollution with minimal disruption to occupants, it helps to protect both the property and the lives of those living and working within from the devastating effects of fire.

If you have any questions about Injectaclad or would like to discuss your specific needs, please contact Injecta Fire Barrier today on 0333 355 1972 or