Installation process

How it works

Injectaclad is a system designed to reinstate the fire-resistant performance of rigid and flexible wall and floor constructions where a retrospective cavity barrier is required.

It does not require removal of the existing façade making huge cost savings on traditional remediation methods and being more environmentally friendly by creating far less dust and waste material.

Injectaclad is an acrylic based graphite sealant, developed and tested to be regulatory compliant by leading fire protection experts.

The product is pumped into the desired depth and width void using a patented method to form a linear cavity fire barrier utilising the system’s reinforcing mesh and holding pin supports.

All installations are fully documented, including referenced images of the installations, for quality assurance purposes and clients’ peace of mind.

Injectaclad expands upon contact with heat and is considered as an intumescent or reactive material – increasing its volume and decreasing its density – to form a regulatory compliant barrier to contain the spread of smoke and fire from one compartment to another.

What are the benefits?

Retrospective cavity barrier repair system

Can be used in cavities up to 200mm in width

Minimal disruption for building occupants

Speedy installation across multiple elevations

Suitable for vertical and horizontal installations

Ideal for uneven and irregular cavity construction types

Works with existing PIR insulation

No need to remove existing building façade

What are the features?

Smoke, gas, water and air-tight

Fungi and vermin resistant

Causes no known affects to plastic, sheathing or metallic components

Water soluble and odourless

High expansion properties

Tested to BSEN:1366-4 up to 2 hour integrity and insulation

Tested in accordance with BS8414-1:2015+A1:2017

Tests designed with ASFP Guidance TGD 19

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